600 Charter Brokerage

Even better than first class

Experience full concierge service when you fly with us. Leave behind boarding passes, luggage check-in and crowded security lines. Drive up to the aircraft and walk on, our valet service takes care of the rest. Enjoy your selected food and beverage options and experience the comfort and luxury of a private aircraft. Fly on your own schedule. Just tell us where you want to go, when you want to leave, and leave the rest to us. Sit back and relax while our world class crew takes you to your destination in style.

Travel by private jet, the ultimate luxury.

  • Choose departure dates and times that suit your schedule
  • Catering tailored to your personal requests. Tell us what you'd like to have on board and we'll make sure it's there and prepared just the way you like.
  • Quiet package for cabin conversations and business meetings
  • Extended range capability for international flights
  • Comfortable seating for up to 12
  • Complimentary WiFi, text and talk

To schedule a flight or obtain a quote, use the form at the top of this page or contact Skip Lanoff; 219-977-0606 or email skip@600charter.com.