Repossession - all aviation related assets worldwide

Asset/Fleet Management

Valuation of aircraft, aircraft engines, rotable parts, ground service equipment (GSE), and other aviation related assets (tangible/intangible)

Operator facility and systems inspections, equipment inspections and records to operator programs

Periodic aircraft inspections and records audits during term

Representation during scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance events

Maintenance planning, drafting and managing, RFP (request for proposals) and contractor awards

Aircraft ferry, storage and management of repairs/refurbishment

Import/export of aircraft and national registration issues worldwide

Management of your corporate aircraft

Charter, including fractional ownership opportunities

Engine management, engine shop visits oversight, borescope

Spares (inventory) management, reporting systems and recovery

Consultation on the aircraft industry and trends

Aircraft utilization studies, completion contracting, implementation, operation - crews, maintenance, insurance operations specifications dispatch and management

Aircraft disassembly for parts

Asset liquidation, consignment and after market sales

Expert testimony, legal assistance

Complete due diligence services

Define maintenance, reserve, and return provisions for legal documents, leases and return

Insurance settlement and claims processing

Portfolio monitoring programs to include web-based access

Computer systems and programming

Records retention and imaging