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TOGS AIRCRAFT, LLC - a sage-popovich company

Tired of getting SCREWED?

TOGS is FAA certified across numerous platforms, with training and expertise to provide exceptional service for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. We have 30-plus years of experience maintaining, operating, and managing business jets and helicopters. Call us today to experience the TOGS difference.

Both Fixed Wing and Helicopters

What makes TOGS different?

With any number of MRO’s who can perform scheduled inspections and non-routine maintenance events how does a customer decide who to trust? The TOGS difference:

Each TOGS customer deals directly with ownership or senior management. Our highly skilled technicians are always open to your questions and able to provide you with a firsthand look, from induction thru return to service, of the work being performed.

AOG Go-Team

TOGS AOG GO TEAM – a highly trained, mobile and motivated team of individuals ready to respond quickly to any AOG situation. Flexibility is paramount, depending on the urgency the team can be wheels up in a matter of a few hours prepared to apply expertise required to return your aircraft to service. Adaptability on all fronts provides the TOGS advantage, from having a fleet of jets we own and operate that can deliver the team, tooling and parts to more moderate responses we tailor the response to each situation and your specific needs. Time is money as the age-old adage goes, you invested your money in aviation assets to maximize the return on your time. TOGS AOG TEAM returns your aircraft to service quickly, efficiently and professionally to minimize those lost hours you can never get back.

FAA Repair Station Certificate Number: O8GR668X
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