sage-popovich, inc.

Consulting & Technical Services

sage-popovich, inc. has been appointed by several US Federal Bankruptcy Courts to operate or wind down airlines, on demand private aviation services and parts dealers. Additionally, SPI has been appointed by Federal Courts as binding arbitrator in highly complex litigation involving aircraft sales, maintenance and management. SPI has represented airlines, banks and leasing companies, governments, taxing authorities, funds and other involved parties worldwide on a number of deployments, with a broad spectrum of differing objectives. We’ve worked on numerous major aviation bankruptcies worldwide for creditors, debtors and the Court. SPI provides expert witness testimony and litigation support for aviation related claims and disputes, insurance settlement negotiations and claims processing, as well as assistance with importation/exportation of aircraft and registration/deregistration issues.

  • SPI specializes in providing solutions for unique and complex aviation challenges

  • consultation on the aircraft industry and trends

  • aircraft utilization studies, completion contracting, implementation operation- crews, maintenance, insurance; operations specifications, dispatch management, and full turnkey management

  • expert testimony, legal assistance

  • insurance settlement and claims support

  • import/export of aircraft and registration issues worldwide

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