sage-popovich, inc.

Repossession & Liquidation Services

sage-popovich, inc. began performing repossessions of aviation related assets worldwide in 1979, and since have performed in  repossessions of aircraft (we completed our 2000th repossession in 2023), helicopters and engines, including numerous large-scale liquidations of aircraft fleets and parts inventory. To support our repossession practice, we are able to arrange for aircraft ferry, storage, and management of repairs/refurbishment, assistance with remarketing, and assistance with import/export and national registration issues worldwide. We maintain a 75,000 square foot temperature-controlled warehouse for storage and liquidation of client-owned aviation related assets, as well as our own inventory.

  • repossession - all aviation related assets worldwide

  • bankruptcy support - trustee and debtor or creditor

  • import/export of aircraft including registration and limited advice on tax issues worldwide

  • aircraft ferry, storage, and management

  • inventory liquidation and consignment

  • remarketing support and auction services

  • aircraft disassembly, part tagging and remarketing

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